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2023-02-22 06:45:45 By : Mr. Lee Wang

The mum shared the hack on TikTok and says her washing is left with much fewer creases and that she will continue to use it as it saves her so much time

A woman has shared a hack for drying her washing when it is out of the machine and dubs it an 'absolute game changer.' The mum, who can be found under the username @mumatnumber23, shared her tip on TikTok and told how it saves her lots of time and leaves the clothes with barely any creases. Wooden Blanket Hanger


In a clip which has now been liked over 13,000 times, the mum says that for those of us who use an airer to dry our clothes, this is one hack you cannot miss and will make life so much easier.

The video is posted with the caption: "This laundry hack has been an absolute game changer and we will continue to use it. No more folding 101 items of washing (unless they go in a drawer)."

In the video, the mum starts by saying: "If like us, you need to dry more clothing in a short period of time, but you have to rely on an airer, then you need to try this."

The mum can be seen hanging up her children's washing on the airer with some items folded over the rails which is normally the case.

However, other items which will need to be hung up in the wardrobe have been put onto the airer on a coat hanger.

These have been placed around the outside rails of the airer and this hack means they do not need to get creased by being folded over the rails and they can be put straight into the wardrobe when they are ready.

"This saves so much space and the hung up stuff can go straight in the wardrobe when it is dry," the mum added.

So for things that usually need to be hung up, this hack means you can get them looking neat and without creases even though they are still just drying.

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